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Avenue Mobile is unlike any other mobile app developer in the market. We build mobile apps at the lowest price possible, and not from a garage with a couple of guys working part time after work. We are a legit company with our headquarters on the top floor of a high rise in West Los Angeles. So how do we do it? We've got a straightforward approach, an intelligent development model and a killer team.

And we've got some street cred as well. We've got real clients selling real products. It's as good as it gets. With over a billion people using smartphones in their daily lives, it's one of the most effective ways to get your product out. Scroll down to learn more.

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How many app developers give you their pricing up front? Not many, but we do it because we're confident we're one of the cheapest guys around. We charge a simple, fixed, flat fee depending on the platform you want your app on. No monthly fees or subscription models, no hidden prices, you can even pay us with your credit card. We want to change the way apps are built and offer simple, easy, but robust solutions to everyone. Take a look at our packages below.

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We've got a ton of out-of-the-box features you can choose to include in your app, all for one fixed price. Whether you're a hip new restaurant in town, or a retail store selling the latest in fashion, we've got you covered. We've spent years of research to put in exactly what you need to create brand awareness. We also make sure we take advantage of mobile, with must-have's like GPS integration to get your customers in front of your door. Don't see what you need? Not a problem. Get on the phone with one of our team members and let us know what other neat features you need and we'll figure it out. We're backed by one of the largest mobile development companies in town, so rest assured we'll help you through it.